Facebook a Great Tool for Growing Your Email List

Social Media Examiner recently posted an article on using Facebook to grow your email list which has to be arts and cultural organization’s idea of marketing nirvana!  Arts orgs always have a robust email list and tend to like Facebook because it’s free.  Put the two together and it’s a dream come true!

The point of the article involves using Facebook promotions to grow your list – also a natural for the arts for three reasons…

  1. You have something of value to give away as a prize – tickets, backstage tours, meet and greets, whatever works best for your organization
  2. You have a passionate audience, most likely eager to participate
  3. You have fans that typically like to get your emails and probably won’t have a problem providing their email address.

Just remember, Facebook has definite rules about promotions on their pages.  Best to use an approved app like Wildfire.  They’re affordable and blessed by Facebook.

So, if you want to grow your list, run a contest and watch the names add up!

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